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Security Solutions To Fit Your Business
For Your Peace of Mind

Whatever your security requirements, we know we can meet them; bringing complete peace of mind. just a few of the services we provide:

Static Security Officers

Static Security Officers

Sometimes you need people you can count on to act as 'Works Police', or you may require a number of officers to provide a 24 hour security presence. That's where 'Static Security Officers' are extremely effective. These are dedicated personnel who are assigned to be where you want them for the duration of their shift.

Their duties can vary from acting as a simple 'Night Watchman' to operating the high-tech equipment installed for monitoring the flow of people to and from the building. In a large office with a workforce of hundreds, it is vital that you know who is in the building at any time, for health and safety reasons.

Whether your business is a manufacturing facility dealing with electronics or chemicals, a fuel processing plant or a retail warehouse, you want complete peace of mind that your premises are safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jayfort have provided officers to a wide range of business types from across many different sectors including retail, manufacturing, construction, education, hotel and leisure, art galleries, and business parks.

Our personnel offer much more than a physical presence. We ensure they are also handy in other ways such as boiler maintenance, or for issuing photo ID cards. As fully qualified First Aiders, they are ready to work closely with Health and Safety Officers, and Fire Officers as well.

Car Park Patrols

Car Park Patrols

Your car park is a 'Soft Target' for opportunist villains. It takes only a few seconds for them to break a window, steal the stereo and perhaps the car as well.

All you need is the presence of highly visible, conscientious guards on patrol and the opportunity for crime is eliminated. Your staff will also appreciate the added protection when walking to their cars on dark winter evenings.

Gatehouse Duties

Gatehouse Duties

Your gatehouse needs to be monitored by a competent person who can control the flow of people and vehicles to and from the premises. They need to keep accurate and detailed logs of all such movements.

Our Security Officers will also carry out spot checks and searches of handbags or vehicles, depending on the nature of your site; and they will issue visitor passes where appropriate.

Reception Duties

Reception Duties

Our officers can fulfil all the duties you would expect from a regular receptionist, and also have the training to detect and respond to threats.

A uniformed presence at your front counter will act as an effective deterrent in itself, most of the time.

Keyholding - Attending to Alarm Activations

Alarm Setting

Would you want to be first on the scene if the alarm was activated at your office or warehouse? These situations often arise at inconvenient times and for various reasons, and it is better to have objective professionals attending when an alarm is activated.

Jayfort can hold your keys and/or access codes in our secure facility. If there is an emergency because of intruder alarm activation, fire or flood for example, we will attend your premises on your behalf.

We can take care of many of the secondary issues that arise from such emergencies – boarding and glazing services, locksmiths and other emergency repairs – while securing the area with an assigned Security Officer until you or your staff arrive for normal duties.

We would also be pleased to act as a safe repository for your spare set of keys.

Lock Up & Unlock Service

Locking Up

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be targeted by criminals when locking and securing your premises at the end of your working day. You will have plenty to keep you occupied without having to carry out detailed checks before leaving.

The locking and securing of premises is a standard part of a Static Security Officer's duties, and can also be incorporated into a Mobile Officer's tour of duty.

A Mobile Officer would also carry out a thorough inspection of your building; securing windows and doors etc., before setting your alarm and locking up.

Our officers will carry out exactly the same procedures in reverse when unlocking your premises.

The above are offered as stand-alone services or as part of mobile patrol or key holding packages.

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