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CCTV / System Monitoring

Your site may be most effectively protected with the correct use of a CCTV system. Areas where such systems are most commonly being installed include car parks, site perimeters, retail areas, warehousing and transport for example.

Whether your system is a one or two camera, single monitor package or incorporates multiple cameras with a multiple monitor display, it is only going to be as effective as the person who uses it.

CCTV / System Monitoring

CCTV / System Monitoring

From our base in West Yorkshire, we can bring our experience and product knowledge to your business to provide you with Security solutions through our experienced in-house Design Team.

A Jayfort Security Officer, trained in CCTV surveillance techniques, can observe several areas simultaneously and be in a position to prevent situations developing into problems.

Jayfort Security can provide you with:

  • Access Control Systems (complete with personalised software and monitoring program)
  • Hard-wearing Full, Half-Height and External Turnstiles
  • Swipe Card and Biometric Readers
  • Complete state-of-the-art Digital CCTV Camera Packages for hire or purchase
  • Simple-to-manage on-site or home PC Monitoring and DVR Recording Facilities
  • 24-hour Fully Manned Remote Monitoring Station with Alarm Response
  • Automated Traffic Solutions (Remotely Operated & Manual Barriers, Electric Gates)
  • On-site training for your Operatives & Supervisors

The challenges are simple:

  • To secure your business by providing industry leading solutions, tailor-made to meet your needs, at a price you are happy with.
  • Retain your custom through a reliable, simple first class advice and aftercare program.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Account Managers and Design Team relish the challenge of providing the best Security Solutions to bring optimum benefits to you and your customers. We can bring Personnel and Access / Premises control and other benefits to a variety of industries including retail, transport, healthcare, local government and public sector bodies.

CCTV & Remote Monitoring Packages

CCTV & Remote Monitoring Packages

A wide, hassle-free range of choices for your Company; GUARANTEED to provide huge savings over your current Manned Guarding costs!

Benefits of a Jayfort Security CCTV Package include:

  • Tailored exactly to your needs - rental or sales, pan/tilt/ zoom or static cameras, infrared beams, motion sensors, DVR Recording...be confident your site is fully protected at all times
  • Same day incident report, complete with high-quality CCTV footage
  • Reliable, multi-personnel 24 hour Control Centre - alert to any on-site activity
  • No personnel issues such as invalid work permits, SIA Licences, no induction etc
  • Less liability - decreased risk of Health and Safety liabilities /personal injury claims
  • More reliability - Operatives will use pan, tilt and zoom cameras to capture evidence
  • Active Deterrent - Audible system deters would-be intruders instantly - they know they are being monitored...there’s more than a sleeping guard here!
  • Cost Effective - Pay only for the security you use...
  • Savings - Clients regularly report an average 50% annual saving EVEN WITH THE OCCASIONAL CALL-OUT CHARGE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION!

Traditional guarding with on-site personnel has always provided a wide range of management issues; as a client you need to have total confidence in your security company. Can they effectively manage and overcome issues such as absenteeism, lateness, ‘human error’ situations, inaccurate or false reporting and ‘inside job’ involvement in on-site crime?

In the past, Companies and organizations in many sectors have favoured ‘traditional’ manned guarding over CCTV as their preferred security option.

The last few years has seen huge advances in the quality and affordability of digital camera technology. By switching to cameras and remote monitoring, the savings to Companies who previously used traditional ‘guard in a cabin’ services can be a staggering 70%.

Our Jayfort Security CCTV Rental and Monitoring package uses the latest technology to detect, record and deploy a SIA Licensed Mobile Patrol to any potential threat. As well as being reliable and vigilant throughout the small hours of the night, our systems can be operated for as little as £2.00 per hour plus VAT, with free installation and maintenance throughout the length of the contract.



The Future of Construction Site Security Guarding - More Security at less cost.

Some of the benefits of our system include:

  • Designed exclusively to protect construction sites and warehouse/transport yards
  • Complete Perimeter Security - Control Room already aware of an imminent intruder
  • Conversation takes place via on-site PA System and warning issued
  • Simple-to-manage on-site DVR Record & Playback facility with home viewing option
  • 24-hour fully manned CCTV monitoring station to alert police or local security to the threat of any incidents
  • Next morning incident report...what the incident was, and how it was dealt with

Site-Sentry gives customers full protection whatever the hour, whatever the weather...

Effective and vigilant in every respect - never late, never sleeping, never corruptible

Complete Maintenance Package FREE OF CHARGE for 1 year including Call-outs!

Our In-house Development Team has produced a state-of-the art system which, unlike others in the industry, is not dependent on a third-party manufacturer or supplier for updates or warranty issues.

Supplying directly through our dedicated Account Managers on a one-to-one basis allows us to get to know you, the client and tailor the system to your exact requirements.

We know many construction sites are busy, demanding environments in which to operate; as such we only supply market-leading equipment such as Hewlett Packard and ACT Hardware. At Jayfort Security we are committed to high-quality design, delivery and installation at a competitive price…our systems come complete with full maintenance free of charge for the first year.

Contact us today on 0800 1976930 to arrange a demonstration or a site visit with no-obligation system quotation. We are very confident in the affordability and the value for money of our products. Our team is more than happy to discuss a guide price (subject to visit) over the telephone in order to allow you to assess your Security budget effectively.

We developed a custom-built access control and turnstile/electronic door system, designed specifically to meet the access control needs of construction sites and other similar large development projects.

Some of the benefits of our system include:

  • ‘In House’ Design - no waiting for third party supplier updates or warranty issues;
  • Market-leading Hewlett Packard and ACT Hardware;
  • Hardwearing Turnstiles, all designed for a busy, demanding workplace;
  • Simple-to-Operate on-site Reporting Facilities – Printable Reports with a range of customisable parameters including individual time spent on site, employee attendance, health and safety monitoring and statistics, training due etc;
  • Greatly reduces risk of lost revenue through fraudulent timesheet and overtime claims;
  • On-site training for your Operatives & Supervisors, including card printing and issuing;
  • Complete In-house Maintenance Package
  • All necessary consumables in-stock with Jayfort Security… cards, chains, print ribbons etc.
  • Dedicated point-of-contact - a small team of engineers known by name to your site staff
  • All aspects of the project taken care of - design, planning, delivery, install, training, product consumables and maintenance. Value for money and great service under one roof



An exclusive, individually designed product to meet the needs of a busy construction workplace

When the Jayfort Access System is used alongside our automatic barrier range, you can have access to a wide range of data at the touch of a button, allowing you total traffic control and monitoring on and off site.

As with all our products and services, our experienced engineers would be delighted to initially visit your premises or site to assess your requirements and suggest the different options available to you, whether it be to suit budget or site layout. Jayfort Security can advise on the civils, groundworks and electrical requirements and provide plans / technical data and guide you step-by-step through the installation process.

We place high importance on the operation of the system and ensure that the products recommended are compatible with any security system currently in place.

Our barrier range is extensive and can be configured in a variety of ways, whether you are looking for card swipe in/auto exit with automatic barrier, padlocked rising arm manual barrier, sliding gate alternatives, rising kerbs or double-barrier ‘airlock’ system, popular at manned high security checkpoints such as MOD bases and power stations. We will also consider the safety aspect of the project to its fullest, with recommendations and installation for accompanying items such as raised stop notices, rising bollards etc.

Traffic Management Solutions

Traffic Management Solutions

Experts at preventing unauthorised vehicular access onto your site; safely and professionally dealing with the authorised ones!

Jayfort Security supply and install a wide range of traffic solutions providing security against unauthorised vehicles entering your property, complementing the Jayfort Access Control System and CCTV systems.

All our turnstiles, barriers and gates will be configured to be ‘fail-safe’ or ‘fail proof’, giving you control on how the systems react and allow access in the event of power cut or emergencies.

We are committed to providing you with the most capable and cost-effective solutions with no pressure or commitment to purchase. Our products are network-adaptable with the Jayfort access system to allow simple, efficient card entry onto multiple sites for authorised users and can be operated remotely via an intercom or CCTV system. Our aim is to offer the best products for your project and offer a ‘one-stop’ solution for your traffic and access control requirements.

Call us today on 01924 577 578 for a FREE site survey and quote.

Intercom & Door Entry Systems

Intercom & Door Entry Systems

...A spectrum of top quality JAYFORT SECURITY options with an after-care service to match

Naturally, our intercom systems are designed with full compatibility with Jayfort Fob/ Card Reader Access Systems along with the option of having stand alone key pads or proximity cards - making it the preferred choice for many environments, such as light industrial factories, multi-occupant Business Centres and upmarket Residential Developments.

Our installers will provide the complete solution for you in an agreed timescale with minimum disruption. All our products come with one year’s free warranty and maintenance included. In addition, our after- sales Department keep in contact with the client and provide value-for money consumables such as swipe cards and fobs; and, when an eventual change of tenancy or occupancy change occurs, our fully trained staff will guide you through any necessary audit or re-programming issues.

The range of differing options and configurations we provide are limitless. The primary aim at Jayfort Security is to provide the very best available security package, designed and programmed to meet your exact needs at a reasonable market price…with the same consistent after-sales service across the board for all our customers.

With installers based UK wide, Jayfort provide hassle-free installations, fully managed by a designated ‘one-point-of contact’ install Manager for complete peace of mind.

To complement and complete our range of firstclass safety and security installation services, JAYFORT SECURITY Systems offer our customers the very best quality in intercom and door security systems. Our consultants are happy to plan and take responsibility for any project whether you are looking for a single, effective, durable outdoor keypad with rain hood to a complete through-glass counter system. Special care will be taken to ensure the best option is provided for the surroundings.

Product range includes:

  • Wired and Wireless door Intercom System
  • Audio and Visual Door Entry System
  • TFT Handset
  • Digital Keypads / Stainless Steel all-weather solutions
  • Visitor Audio Entry Alarms
  • Timed entry capabilities
  • Magnetic lock, strike lock and bolt locks installed
  • Choice of cosmetic finishes available


ID Card Printers / Consumables

Jayfort Security offer only the best ID card printers on the market including Fargo, CIM, Javelin, Zebra and Magicard.

We offer a range of card printers from basic low-cost solutions through to fully encoded high security printers.

Jayfort Security’ most common printer installation is Magicard - it’s unique HoloKote and HoloPatch features allow you to produce secure cards at very affordable prices.

Our knowledge of the ID card printing business is backed with day-to-day interaction with the latest products, and constant customer feedback - all you need to do is speak to Jayfort Security about the type of work and environment you are in, and we can easily guide you towards selecting the ideal ID card printer for the job.

ID Card Printers / Consumables

Jayfort Security stock all the necessary card accessories, including neck chains, pre-printed staff & visitor breakaway lanyards, badge holders and ID clips that are the perfect complement to your printed cards. The extensive range of styles and colours is wide enough to match any corporate image.

We supply all ribbons, proxy cards, mag-stripe cards, HID cards, key fobs and cleaning kits for most ID card printers currently on the market, from monochrome and full colour to holographic. Feel free to call our call if you need any advice whatsoever - even choosing the correct ribbon is vitally important as this can save on maintenance costs and add lifetime to your machine.

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